Battle for the Black Suit

Battle for the Black Suit

The Season 7 opener of the National SpeedSkating Circuit in Tacoma WA on May 7th is shaping up to be a very interesting event with the return of 5 time Grand Champion winner Jarrett Paul. Jarrett who took a 2 season hiatus away from the NSC due to conflicts with sponsorship, has returned to reclaim his title of NSC Grand Champion. His claim to the throne won’t be met without fierce opposition from back to back Grand Champion winner Brandon Hall. Brandon in his rise to the top has been brash with his remarks towards Jarrett, stating “He fell off, having to hear how great Jarrett is when he wasn’t even competing in NSC got super annoying. I can’t wait until this Saturday to shut everybody up”. Jarrett who approaches racing with a more humble response was quoted as saying “I will let my skating do the talking and we will see who comes out on top”

 Jarett 1


To be able to witness the clash of these 2 titans Jarrett will have to finish top 3 in the endurance races to qualify to compete for the 800m Grand Champion race. Standing in his way is an entire line up of hungry NSC endurance racers chomping at the bits to crush his dreams. Included in this line up is former NSC Grand Champion Justin Stelly, who in many peoples opinion still has the juice to take away the title from both Jarrett Paul and Brandon Hall. Because Brandon is the current Grand Champion title holder he receives an automatic bye to the Grand Champion race regardless of how he finishes in the sprint races. Knowing Brandon, this won’t matter and he will go for a flawless night of wins in every distance he competes in. Not an easy task, when the sprint line up consists of former Grand Champion winner Mo Hall, hungry young bucks like Zac Sagiao and Donavon Sellers and veteran NSC legends like Jeremy Anderson,and Stephen Carter.



The story-line for the women’s line up couldn’t be any further from the men’s. It’s a story of mutual respect, and friendship. Franchesca Bell and Erin Jackson the two favorites for Saturday nights events are longtime teammates and friends. Both ferocious competitors but with a mutual admiration for each other’s abilities. Erin a better sprinter, and Franchesca a better distance skater meet right in the middle when it’s time to compete for the 800m Grand Champion race. When asking the ladies how is it competing against a teammate and friend, both replied with “We leave whatever happens on the floor stay on the floor”. Although Franchesca and Erin are the favorites for the NSC Season 7 opener it won’t be won easy. Standing in their way are Melissa Perry, Mckenzie Browne, Lani Nacol, Shianna Moses, Brianna Bocox and Allison Pfander. All who can pose a challenge to our favorites and could possibly come away with an upset.


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