NSC event 30 recap

NSC Event 30 Recap

NSC 30, held July 14 at the Speedway Village in Lincoln, NE, proved to be nothing but spectacular.  Brandon Hall dominated in the sprints, winning the 300 meter and 500 meter finals, with long track Olympic sprinter Kimani Griffin sliding in for a second place in the 300 final, and Donavon Sellers taking third in that event.  Dustin Hebson grabbed the silver in the 500, and NSC rookie Michael “Jr” Pasquarella secured a bronze in the 500m.

For the ladies, NSC powerhouse Franchesca Pasquarella took gold in the 300 meter sprint, Olympian and multi-time world medalist Erin “Action” Jackson took silver, and two-time Jr. World Team member Shya Saylor took the bronze.  Jackson beat Pasquarella for the win in the 500 meter sprint, with Pasquarella having to settle for silver.  Melissa Perry fought her way to the podium, taking bronze in the 500m.

Spencer Curtis showed his speed and stamina in the NSC 1000 meter men’s endurance event, taking gold over Adrion Workman in the second spot, and Jonathan Blair, who finished third.  In the 1600 meter, Workman, freshly back from Worlds with a silver in the Jr. Road Points Race, beat NSC newcomer Brian Talley for the gold, with Curtis taking home the bronze.

The endurance ladies’ events were dominated by Corie Stoddard, who looks to be the future for US Speedskating.  Stoddard won the 1000m and 1300m events, with Chelsi LeGault returning to racing form, snagging silver in both events, and newbie Jessica Brooks showing her determination to be on the podium, finishing third in each race.

In the time trials, once again, Stoddard dominated the women’s events, squeaking past Jackson’s 8.927 and LeGault’s 8.881 to win in 8.791 seconds. Making history as the fastest recorded 100m for women’s speed skating  The men’s times were so close they had to be figured to the ten thousandth place in the 7th and 8th spots.  Hebson took the win and title of Fastest Man on Skates in 8.543, Curtis the silver in 8.559, and Sellers the bronze in 8.56. 

The Grand Champions 800 Meter event capped the night. Stoddard and Pasquarella battled to the line, with Stoddard taking her fourth gold of the event, Pasquarella the silver, and Jackson the bronze.  For the men, the Black Suit was won with a surprise attack, with all the guys battling holding tight on the inside track, Brandon Hall hit the outside lane and no one could match his sprint in the final laps.  Zach Stoppelmoor secured the silver, and once again, Curtis found his way to the podium, taking bronze in an incredible field of racers.

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