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Recap Cali Colombia

NSC, Cali, Colombia  8/27/2015

The NSC’s international debut, in beautiful Cali, Colombia, at the Centro Deportivo, proved a resounding success.  The excitement, the crowd, the unmatched enthusiasm Colombians have for the sport of inline speed skating opened up a new world for the NSC.

Racing began with amateur events on Friday, August 20th, with the pros taking the floor Saturday, the 21st.  Skaters from the USA, Ecuador, Australia, and of course, Colombia, gave it their all, which resulted in action packed racing, leaving athletes hungry for the next NSC event.

300 Meter Sprint Final, Men

In the 300 meter sprint final, Brandon Hall overcame a jump and took the start and the win in a time of 25.512.  Ciro Manuel Corredor Lopez and Juan David Fuentes Ortiz battled to the line for second, with Lopez winning that battle, Ortiz in third, Carlos Perez and Ivan Campos rounding out the field.  John Bueker fell in the last lap and did not finish.

1600 Meter Endurance Final, Men

The first endurance final started with the USA skaters sandwiching the pack, Donavon Sellers taking the lead, Justin Stelly taking stock of the situation from the back.  By the third lap Stelly did what Stelly does best, passing gracefully from sixth to first.  Sellers took it back, and Stelly threw a showy outside-inside pass to retake the lead.  Early on, Harry Stogdale of Australia held third.  With five laps to go, Stelly and Sellers gapped the pack.  Stelly took the win in 2:43:282, Sellers second, and in the battle behind them, Nicolas Riveros took third over the line, followed by Yamid Rosero, Stogdale and Daniel Molina Valderrama.

300 Meter Final, Ladies

Erin Jackson hit the start with a vengeance and never looked back, winning the event in 29.36.  Franchesca Bell held on to second, with Colombia’s Aura Cristina Quintana chasing hard and coming away with the bronze.  Daniela Mendoza Caldas followed in fourth, Valentina Condela and Brianna Bocox in fifth and sixth respectively.

500 Meter Sprint Final, Men

Brandon Hall had a clean start and once again, led start to finish, taking gold in 47.925 seconds.  Ciro Manuel Corredor Lopez, second in the 300, grabbed the silver in this sprint final as well, with Sebastian Ruiz taking the bronze.  Ivan Campos came in fourth, Carlos Perez right behind him over the line.  Sebastian Nunez went down in the first lap and did not finish.

1000 Meter Endurance Final, Men

Boris Pena won the start, Donavon Sellers and Justin Stelly immediately taking over the lead, with Harry Stogdale moving up to third, Pena back to fourth.  Four laps to go, Stelly picked up the pace with Sellers in his draft, Pena fighting for that third spot.  When Stelly slipped on the corner with three laps to go, Sellers took advantage, Stelly and Sellers trading leads with Boris Pena closing the gap behind them in third.  Stelly just outhawked Sellers at the line, grabbing another gold in 1:40:313, Pena taking his first Pro NSC medal, a bronze, with a great effort holding off Daniel Molina Valderrama in fourth and Yamid Rosero in fifth.  Harry Stogdale finished sixth.

1300 Final, Ladies

Erin Jackson grabbed another start, Franchesca Bell tucked right in behind her, Daniela  Mendoza Caldas in third.  Lots of battling in this race, and the only safe place was in the front, and Jackson was happy to be there.  Mendoza Caldas and Brianna Bocox, kept trading places, and with six laps to go, Aura Cristina Quintana moved all the way to the front on the outside, only to have Jackson and Bell take it right back.  Jackson and Bell gapped the pack a little with three to go, Mendoza Caldas chasing hard and holding onto third, battling Bocox every step of the way, Quintana right on their heels.  At the line, Jackson took the win in 2:17:258, Bell came away with silver, Mendoza Caldas just held off Quintana’s hawk for third, with Bocox in fifth, Valentina Condela rounding out the field in sixth.

Ladies 100 Meter Flying Time Trial

Erin Jackson’s 9.503 edged out Franchesca Bell’s 9.559.  Colombia’s Aura Cristina Quintana took third with 9.735, followed by Brianna Bocox (9.800), Daniela Mendoza Caldas (9.840), and Valentina Condela (9.943).

Mens 100 Meter Flying Time Trial

Brandon Hall was just on another level all the way around.  The floor was the same for each skater, and Brandon knew what to do with it, taking gold with a flying lap time of 9.201.  Second was Ciro Manuel Corredor Lopez, 9.310, Donavon Sellers finished third, skating a 9.343.  True to form, Justin Stelly didn’t just do a time trial.  He finished in 9.420 skating backwards over the line!  Boris Pena (9.575) and Nicolas Riveros (9.735) rounded out the field.  Juan David Fuentes Ortiz fell in the first corner and did not finish.

Grand Champion 800 Meter Final, Ladies

The ladies closed out the night with Jackson and Bell, one and two in the start of the Grand Champion 800, Aura Cristina Quintana in third.  With five laps to go, Brianna Bocox maneuvered into fourth with Daniela Mendoza Caldas battling her for that spot.  With three laps to go, Bell put down the hammer up front, Jackson on her heels, Quintana powering up the floor behind them.  Two laps to go, Jackson lost her footing on a pass and Bell capitalized on the slip to take the lead and the Grand Champion win.  Quintana took the silver, Jackson the bronze, followed by Mendoza Caldas, Bocox, and Valentina Condela.

Grand Champion 800 Meter Final, Men

Brandon Hall once again won the start, trading leads with Donavon Sellers until four laps to go.  Sellers was leading and Boris Pena tried to move up to second ahead of Hall.  Hall jumped to the front and just cranked it up, gapping Sellers and Pena.  Stelly picked up the chase, moving to second, Sellers passing him back and while they were battling, Hall opened up a corner gap on the field.  Hall swept the sprints and took the Grand Champion title in 1:19:002, Stelly held on for the silver, Sellers took bronze, and Pena and Ciro Manuel Corredor Lopez skated an impressive first NSC, finishing fourth and fifth, respectively, with Nicolas Riveros and Juan David Fuentes Ortiz rounding out the field.


Erin Jackson won the start and “Most Laps Led” bonuses for the ladies, along with the 300, 1300 and 100 meter flying time trial wins.  Franchesca Bell won the Grand Champion race, along with silver in every other event.  Aura Cristina Quintana and Daniela Mendoza Caldas skated incredibly, finishing third and fourth overall, respectively, in the first international Pro NSC event.

For the men, Brandon Hall swept the sprint races and brought home the Grand Champion win.  Ciro Manuel Corredor Lopez took silver in the 300, 500 and 100 meters, with Juan David Fuentes Ortiz third overall.

Justin Stelly won the Endurance overall title with gold in the 1600 and 1000 finals, as well as massive artistic points for his finish in the 100 meter flying time trial.  Donavon Sellers finished second overall, with Nicolas Riveros taking the third spot.


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