NSC Heads to Lincoln NE

The National SpeedSkating Circuit heads to Lincoln NE

USA Roller Sports announced a major collaboration today with the National SpeedSkating Circuit to host an NSC event at the 2017 US Indoor Speed Skating National Championships to be held in Lincoln, Nebraska.
NSC President, Miguel Jose, and USARS Sport and Operation’s Director, Ricci Porter, spearheaded the idea of bringing the NSC to Lincoln.
“The collaboration between the NSC and USA Roller Sports came with our card holding members and their families in mind,” Porter said.  “We wanted to add additional value to the US Indoor Speed Championships and we thought what better way to do this, than showcasing some of the best the sport has to offer the night before the Speed Championships start.”
The NSC event will be held on July 15, 2017.  As part of the proposal, the NSC volunteered to donate $3 per ticket sale toward funding of the US World Team.  Jose explained, “Inline speed skating is such an amazing sport, and the NSC feels a responsibility to help create an environment for our current skaters to share in the same opportunities the previous generation did.”
The proposal was passed by the speed committee, finance and board of directors. Third generation rink owner, speed coach and speed committee member Shaun Pattison said, “I think it’s a great idea to bring the NSC to US Speed Nationals.  I’ve been fortunate enough to watch several NSC events live and they are always a lot of fun.  This is an awesome opportunity for all the skaters who are not from the West Coast to watch NSC live.”
“At the end of the day,” Pattison said, “I am for anything that gives my skaters and their parents another reason to attend Nationals.”
“We are really excited to shake things up a bit.  We are working towards a more progressive climate at USA Roller Sports and the collaboration with the NSC is one of our first steps in a new direction. Increasing activities that attract more attention to the sport and increase memberships is a vital component of our mission.” said Board President Bill Spooner.
Discount presale tickets will be available in the coming months at shop.pronsc.com. More information on the event will be released periodically through the USA Roller Sports website, the NSC website, and both of their social media platforms.
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