Racer Profile

Allison Pfander

17 All Around

Nationality :USA
Date Of Birth :06/07/2000
Height :5'6"
Weight :120
  • RookieYears In NSC
  • 9.271100m Fastest Time
  • Total NSC Wins
  • 1Total NSC Podiums
  • Grand Champion Wins
  • 2Grand Champion Appearances

Height and weight- 5’4 120

Hometown- Puyallup WA

Rink, Coach- Auburn, Laura Sweers

Role Model- my role model is most definitely my momma, not just because she’s my mom, but because she’s why I am who I am and is also the person who taught  me how to skate and also why I skate so I owe everything to her.

Interesting fact- I love playing paintball, video games, and know how solve a rubix cube thanks to Donavon Sellers