Racer Profile

Joey Harmon


Nationality :USA
Date Of Birth :05/13/1994
Height :6'0"
Weight :155
  • RookieYears In NSC
  • 100m Fastest Time
  • 0Total NSC Wins
  • 1Total NSC Podiums
  • 0Grand Champion Wins
  • Grand Champion Appearances

Hometown: Greensboro, North Carolina

Training Rink: Skateland USA 

Coach: Jody Peeden 

Role Model: Fred Zaino. For the past several years he’s been a father, a mentor, a coach, and been much more than a role model to me. He’s always had my best interest and helped make me the man that I am today. 


Interesting fact: I love traveling and being able to see all parts of the world.