Racer Profile

Joshua Fredrickson

54 Endurance

Nationality :USA
Date Of Birth :03/04/1987
Height :5'9"
Weight :160lbs
  • 2Years In NSC
  • 9.0100m Fastest Time
  • 0Total NSC Wins
  • 2Total NSC Podiums
  • 0Grand Champion Wins
  • 0Grand Champion Appearances

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Training Rink: Pattison’s West

Role model, My role model is the underdog. I am influenced by those who overcome obstacles to beat the odds. Those are the individuals who inspire me. 

Interesting fact: I started racing motorcycles at age 3 and raced competitively for many years and still love to ride today. 

379R2167 379R2199