Racer Profile

McKenzie Browne

31 All around

Nationality :USA
Date Of Birth :09/12/1995
Height :5'6"
Weight :150lbs
  • RookieYears In NSC
  • 9.303100m Fastest Time
  • 0Total NSC Wins
  • 2Total NSC Podiums
  • 0Grand Champion Wins
  • 5Grand Champion Appearances

Hometown- Coopersburg, PA

Home rink- Bethlehem Skateaway

Role model- Theresa Cliff-Ryan

Interesting fact- I’m majoring in communications to become a sports reporter, preferably in the hockey world. I’m also secretly a book nerd (thanks to Franchesca) as well as a full time track cyclist.

Nsc womans NSC pic instagramI33A8918