NSC Alpha

NSC Alpha, Lead the Pack

Introducing the NSC Alpha Wheel

After extensive R&D the NSC is excited to announce the release of their new indoor wheel. Deciding on a name that represented our brand and that was fitting with the quality of our product wasn’t an easy task. We strive to be innovators for the sport of inline speed skating, and to lead the way to introduce speed skating to the masses. Who we are, lead us to the name “Alpha” with a mantra of Lead the Pack. It’s not just about being a leader in speed skating, it’s about being your own individual. Making decisions that represent who you are and not just following the norm.

Brandon Alpha Wheel

Everything about our new wheel fits the name Alpha. The R&D was done by many of the top indoor speed skaters, our new dual pour band technology is a major improvement from the current banded technology, and the hub was made with high quality carbon fiber materials to improve strength and reduce weight. As you can see we went with a natural urethane. We believe not adding any pigmentation into the wheel yields the best results.

Alpha wheel blue


We are starting to open up pre-sale orders of the wheels at shop.pronsc.com. Wheels will be ready to ship by 5/13/2016. Free shipping on all US orders.

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